Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Graduation" Day

It is the end of an era.
No more preschool Mother's Day programs.  Can you find Eve in this photo below? She's got some air on that jump!
Best accident of the year--Evie's hair. If you missed the original story, click here. That layered pixie cut fits her sassy personality perfectly, and for now, it's staying.
This song, "Mother, I Love You," was signed by the kids, and Eve was very serious during her presentation. Not a single smile from that girl.
I love these old-school gold hand molds. I have three in a row now--Micah, Hyrum and Eve. Wish I had seven.
Two weeks later was "graduation."
Evie and her teacher, Mrs. M, had a special bond over those pom pom boots, and I was secretly stoked that she decided to wear them for her final program.
My Evie grew up a lot this year. She learned that school isn't a place to be scared. She only got sent to time out once all year (that's at school--not at home). She learned all of her letters and sounds. She is even beginning to sound out words and read.
 I can't believe my baby is headed to kindergarten in August.  My baby. Not a baby any more.
No matter how big she gets, she'll always be our baby.


  1. That is how I feel about my youngest--she will always be my baby and joy. I love her hair!


  2. i want to send my kids to that preschool. such cute stuff they send you off with:) congrats mama.