Thursday, May 29, 2014


Ben's graduation--from seminary and high school.
These seven young people have been together in the same ward since most of them were in preschool--it's always been the boys and T. She hangs tough with them, always has. Here they are, all grown up and graduating from seminary.


As of today, five of these young men have mission calls (two to Peru, one to Spain, one to Chile, and one to Colombia), and one is finishing up his paperwork. In six months, they will be all over the world. Who would have thought that the squirrelly-est, rowdiest, craziest class in Primary would grow up to be so amazing?
They haven't changed all that much, I guess.

Then it was on to high school graduation.

Ben and McKay held this pose for about ten seconds, practicing their "receiving-their-diploma" handshake.
 I think Ben should have spent more time practicing his processional face instead.

One thing I love about Heritage Academy is how personal and caring the staff is.  Here, Mr. T stopped handing out diplomas for a moment to ask Ben where he had been called on his mission.

I was impressed that Mr. T had taken that time with Ben, and in the split second that I turned to talk to Brad, I missed Ben's antics.
A backward glance. A quick cartwheel. A strut back to his seat.  That's my Ben.

And with that, it was all over.

 Class of 2014. Look out world. Here he comes.


  1. You are raising some very cool kids, Mama.


  2. what an awesome kid you have there! and way to cute what he did!!!

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