Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Micah and His Music

Micah's piano teacher moved to Branson, MO, a couple years ago, and he's been Skyping/FaceTiming his piano lessons ever since.

Occasionally we will experience technical difficulties, but it's so nice to have the teacher "come" to our house.

As far as cello goes . . .
. . . Micah had his last orchestra concert of the year.

And, what's more . . .
. . . it may be his last orchestra concert of his life.

He has been seduced by percussion.

That's the beauty of elementary school music. You have the freedom to play whatever instrument you want. Hopefully one will stick. If not, he always has his 88 friends waiting for him.

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  1. brennan and piano...we need a piano. we go to the neighbors house to use hers, but half the battle is walking next door with him b/c in his mind that is SUCH big deal. i told myself we'd give it a year and decide after that.