Tuesday, May 13, 2014

No More Tuesdays

Eve has had a schedule this past year.

Preschool mornings are Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Fridays are the days she spends with Abby. All this year, Tuesdays have been Mom and Evie days. Sometimes we run errands, sometimes we stay in jammies all day. Sometimes we bake things, and sometimes we clean things. 

In August, my baby will be an all-day kindergartner, and our Tuesdays will come to an end. Technically, school is out on May 22nd and from that day forward, Tuesdays will melt into the nondescription of the rest of the week, overshadowed by older siblings' schedules and summer programs.

Today is our next-to-last Tuesday.

My next-to-last Tuesday with Cinderella and lace-topped Mary Janes in my Target cart.  My next-to-last Tuesday where I'm convinced to buy M&Ms by pleading blue eyes.
My next-to-last Tuesday unbuckling a booster seat and holding a small hand across the parking lot. 

My next-to-last Tuesday having tea parties in the children's department of IKEA.

My next-to-last Tuesday of setting the timer at naptime and sneaking it under a pillow so the ding won't awaken my "too-big-for-naps" girl.

My next-to-last Tuesday telling time by Caillou and Elmo.

My next-to-last Tuesday taking a quick potty stop to pull up princess panties.

My next-to-last Tuesday spent in the play place at McDonald's.

My next-to-last Tuesday having a partner all day long.

It's been almost 24 years since I've been alone during the day, and as much as I've convinced myself that I'm ready, I don't want it to end. I want to hold her close and freeze time. I want to keep her little forever.

How can this era of my full-time mothering possibly be ending?

We're going out with a bang--today we will help our friends pack their house as they prepare to move, then a shopping trip to Sam's Club and probably McDonald's, too.

It will definitely be a "no-nap" day.

And next Tuesday--the zoo? the mall? Paris? Anything she wants.

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  1. so so cute. thursday is my day with just chase. we only have one of those left before summer hits and i'm so sad!!! ours is much shorter b/c kinder is half day here and we have to be to the school by 11 to get him. still, thursdays are my favorite days b/c i love just getting to enjoy him. he's my first 2 yr old i've had without a newborn at the same time and i'm just enjoying him so much. going by too fast!