Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday #25--The Mirror Has Two Faces

I was a drama geek in high school.  I'm sure that surprises no one.*

I remember doing a scene from an obscure play called, "The Mirror Has Two Faces"(not the Barbra Streisand movie) for a night of one-act plays. I did the scene with one of of my good friends--she portrayed the character that was more like me, and I acted more like her.  We sat across from each other, observing mannerisms and quirky behaviors to incorporate into our portrayals. It was the first time I realized that I almost always sit with my foot flexed while I have my legs crossed. Becky also pointed out to me how much tension I carry in my shoulders--a trait that a few massage therapists and my yoga teacher know about me as well.

Interesting experiment that I've never forgotten. Have your older kids do it with you. You'll be surprised.  And probably laugh a little in the process.

*I also participated in choir and debate--marry all three activities of these together, and I became a state champion extemporaneous speaker and the accompanist for the high school's musical. Ah, high school--where you can be whatever you want to be . . . as long as your teachers agree with you. 


  1. Ah high school... Where I was so shy I hardly did anything to get out of my comfort zone. I was a cheerleader but that took some heavy pushing from friends and family to get me to do it. There were so many other things... But luckily high school isn't the end, we have more time to grow and develop, and there are still opportunities that await.

  2. I was the brainiac with caustic wit in high school. Funny, huh?

    Now my brain has turned a little more to mush, and my wit is round-edged and almost always friendly.


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