Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Time to Fly

Photo by Lily

School starts tomorrow.

I feel like I haven't had time to enjoy summer, and now school is already here.

Just a few thoughts before the new school year.

As a kid, you never see how moms stress about a new school year.

Do you ever think, "I wonder if the teacher will be able to reach my child." or "I hope the principal doesn't call me this year." or "Will my child follow the rules?"

Do you ever think, "Will my child make new friends?" or "I wonder if he will eat alone again." or "Is this the year that breaks her spirit?"

Do you ever think, "No one understands my child." or "I wish I could shelter my child from _______." or "I can't do ________ any more."

Do you ever think, "I must be the only mom who worries about this."

I bet you're not.

What do you think when the school year starts? I'd love to hear. Let's commiserate together.


  1. Oh, these are the same questions in my heart this week! Along with...."How can I help them increase their self-confidence?" and "Do they KNOW how to make new friends?", or "Will they be challenged enough to grow?" and "How can I help them and have no one lose their temper or get their feelings hurt?"

    Lots or prayers being said, and blessings being asked for this week! Good luck to you and your kids!!

  2. how long are brennan's meds going to last. will he make it through the entire school day without them wearing off, or will they run out an hour before school starts, get super irritable like he does when they wear off, yell at everyone, and have the teacher hate "that kid with ADHD." will he learn german fast enough to not fall behind in math and science? was it a good idea to do german immersion? will he have it in the morning or afternoon? will that be the best time for his meds? maybe if he had it in the afternoon, it would be stimulating enough that it won't matter if his meds wear off before school is out. HOW MANY ITEMS OF CLOTHING WILL HE LOSE??? will his homework time be completely unbearable? will we have to change meds or add meds to get through homework time? will his teacher's understand and be patient with his condition? will it finally start to affect him socially? will he eat his lunch if i'm not there to force him, or will he through it all in the trash bc he has no appetite? i could go on and on.

    will max cry every day all year when i drop her off at preschool? that's pretty much if for makenzie maxine, bahahaha. she is my saving grace!

    what movies will chase and i watch on the mornings it is just us:) yep, that' gonna be our hardest choice. praise the heavens!

    we are coming to gilbert this weekend. wish i could see you!!!!! coming for my brother in law's goodbye party. he's being deployed to afghanistan in two weeks for a year. driving down tomorrow at 6am, goodbye party friday, family pictures and activities saturday, drive home 6am sunday. thank goodness for dvd players in cars.

  3. I was always glad when school started and ready to put some structure back into our lives.

    Having said that, I was always worried about my children getting good teachers and hoping they would get at least one of their good buddies in their class.


  4. Will they make good choices. Will I get through shopping for lunch stuff and making good lunches. Will they be kind to others. Will I use my free time for productive things. Will they keep track of their things. I think I'm ready.

  5. Sigh. I still have these questions.

    Can we possibly get our 18 year old ready for college in less than a week? Will she get along with her roommates? Will they think she's weird and grumpy? Will she ever cook anything or just walk around all day declaring her hunger?