Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Back to School, 2014

Today's the big day. Back to school.
Ben wasn't too thrilled that I made him get dressed for "back-to-school" pictures when he's not going "back to school." I did manage to get one good picture of him this morning . . .
. . . Lily may not be too thrilled that I post her eyes closed, however. Mothers have to make choices on which kids to annoy when, don't we?

I can only get these monkeys to sit still for so long, so I unleashed them to crazy poses.
Ben began moving to the side, and I couldn't figure out what antics were on his mind . . .
. . . Was he grabbing Lily's head? No. He was staging his escape. Clever boy, my Ben.
New shoes. I let the kids wear them to meet their teachers yesterday, and Hyrum's already show it. They also gave him a huge blister--hope the bandaid helps today.

(Usually I crop pictures on what is most aesthetically pleasing to me, but I wanted to have their backpacks and lunch boxes in the pictures, because they trigger memories just like the clothes do.)
Hyrum could not resist this Perry the Platypus Jedi.
Second grade. When did he get so big? He has a brand new teacher this year (fresh from student teaching) and two of his best friends in his class. I know that the second grade is expecting a fourth teacher next week, but I hope these little boys stay together this year.

High school for this girlie.
 And it was love at first sight for those mint high tops. 
 Ninth grade. Lily is ready. She has taken tumbling for years, hoping that her skills would be enough to make the cheer squad, and she found out on Monday that she will be a JV cheerleader this year. She's got the energy and the personality to do it, I might add. When did she grow up on me?

Yes, those are teeth on his shirt. Shark teeth. To show how fierce Micah is.
Micah's teacher moved over the summer, and he has a new teacher that loves science experiments and hands-on learning. I can't wait for his year. I think he's going to have a blast--plus, his best buddy is in the same class. I love it when that happens.
Fifth grade? Dang. That's almost time for grown up stuff. See all of the beach bleach in his hair? That boy loved California.

And here she is--the big kindergarten lady.
Nothing says kindergarten more than pink shoes, purple lunchbox, and pink and purple "packpack."
Evie has the same kindergarten teacher that her big brothers did, and I couldn't be happier. Mrs. J uses music, instruments and endless energy to teach her kids to love learning and love school.

I forced Ben into pictures, as well. He didn't cooperate very well.
Good thing he's not headed to school, or he might struggle with listening to the teacher this year. He leaves nine weeks from today. Look out, Peru. He's ready! (Well, we do have to get the rest of his shots, buy his clothes, check his paperwork, and tidy up a few things, but other than that, he's ready!)

School supplies wouldn't fit in backpacks, so I was the designated pack horse--two reams of paper, a giant box of Goldfish crackers, plus a giant bag of Jolly Ranchers. And, of course, my camera.
The boys disappeared pretty quickly once we got on campus, greeting friends and running for the playground, but Evie was a little scared. I was expecting this, since she had a complete meltdown yesterday when we met her teacher.
She held my hand while we walked around the playground and as I showed her where the bathroom was (is she too little to go to school if she still calls it "the potty"?).

The first bell rang, and it was time.
I helped her pick a seat (she refused to sit at the girl table, instead picking a seat all alone--then she got mad when people sat next to her). We pulled out her pencil box and tissues, and found her scissors, which was very important to her for some reason.
No tears yet, so I seized the opportunity, told her I was leaving after I threw her cut-up crayon box away (again with the scissors!), and I headed out the door.

Although she was a bit apprehensive, there was not a single tear. No calling for me. No running for a final hug and kiss.

And here I sit. Alone in my quiet house for the first school day in almost 24 years.

Who would have guessed that the only tears I would see today would be my own?

Now what do I do?


  1. Enjoy it... you'll be back to your schoolwork in no time and wondering how you will accomplish everything on your plate. Although, somehow I think you will have no problem filling your free time.

  2. Oh Boy...crying over here! Why does kindergarten have to be so dang hard? Reading your post brings those very feelings back of letting go like it was yesterday. Eve looks so cute and all ready to do all your kiddos! I hope they have great years...I hope Eve LOVES school and I hope you will love your time alone during the day! Hugs my friend!

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  4. oh no...already?!?!:) hugs to you for sure! we'll be there in just a few it seems!:( she looks ready and i know this will be a great year for all of you!!
    have a happy day jen

  5. What a nice post. Hope the school year goes well for everyone. My kids (I teach 1st grade) start on the 18th.

  6. I so loved reading this, Jen. The kids are darling, and Evie has such a look of consternation on her face, I had to smile.

    Really liked your ending about the only tears ending up to be your own. Beautiful writing.

    You are going to love this freedom. After I got used to it, the liberty was wind blowing through the aspen trees in a canyon.



  7. Freedom IS heady. Sweet post. There truly is joy at every stage, but it's ok if it takes a little time to feel it. Blessings to you.

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