Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sit Down, Buckle Up, and Hang On. Lily's in the House

Lily Jane. That girl is rarely still.

She leaves for school at 6:15 every morning and gets home around 3:30 most days. Some days, she has cheer practice or choir rehearsal after school; some days, it's piano or voice lessons or Young Women's activities.

Her room is an outward manifestation of her tornado life: clean clothes in one pile, dirty in another; school books and papers haphazardly added to the mix; bathroom counter cluttered with makeup and cleanser and discarded ice cream bowls.

Her chores sometimes get neglected and sometimes she is up late finishing homework. Sometimes she's hanging out with her friends or planning a party.

It must be high school.

Cheer. Choir. Friends. She's loving every second of it.

She worked with her voice teacher extraordinaire to audition for the solo in her first choir concert of the year, and she was ecstatic when she got it. Singing stuff in front of real people is scary, and I asked her as we left for the concert if she was nervous.

"I don't get nervous, Mom." Wow. Wish I'd had that kind of confidence when I was 14. Here's the video. I don't know who forgot to turn off her mic, but you'll notice she's a little dominant through the rest of the song as well.

High school is going to be an incredible adventure with her. Can't wait.


  1. I have followed you every day for years. She sounded beautiful but what an odd song. Ha!! I admire you and your family. Thanks for sharing your life.

  2. Tawnie,
    That song is from a musical and the lyrics are a little odd. The kids love it. Even my little boys sing it. Look it up on YouTube--there are a ton of versions. One of my favorites is the spoof they did with the lyrics from the boy's view, "Maddie the Stalker Chick." It's funny!
    Thanks for following!

  3. My four year old and I have been singing it all day! ;-)

  4. She is darling, Jen. As is the rest of your talent-filled crew!


  5. Your daughter sounds wonderful and I LOVE this song and now will be singing it all day. Thank you for sharing.

    I saw the missionaries cruise by on their bikes today. Waved and thought of you sending your son off very soon.

  6. this was my life in high school!!! brings back so many memories!

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