Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday #49--Attention Grabber

Or alternately titled, "When your legwear blends perfectly with your furniture."
I fell in love with these stockings the moment I saw them. I wore them while shopping the next day. Two strangers commented on how happy they looked. One stranger was a 70+ man who stopped me to say, "I LOVE your stockings. They make me smile."

That's what I was going for, because they make me smile as well.

And no, they are not tights. They are over-the-knee long stockings, like Pippi, I suppose. They stayed put all day long, and I'm hoping we actually get some cold weather this week so I can wear jackets and boots and stockings because I'm cold, not only because they make me smile. Here's hoping.

Christmas is coming!


  1. Fun stockings ALWAYS make me smile!! :) Good choice!

  2. leggins are my new best friend. definitely not going to cold this winter...that is if it ever gets below freezing:) weirdest weather up here this year! we haven't built one snowman or gone sledding b/c #1 we haven't gotten more than an inch in the valley at one time and #2 the 60 degree temps the follow the next day melt it all anyway. feels like april:)