Monday, December 15, 2014

Sometimes They Really Surprise Me

This is the view out my bathroom window--one tree almost completely bare, another in all of its fall glory. I love this time of year in Arizona.

Not that this post has anything to do with the weather or this picture . . .

My kids have a rotating schedule for Christmas gift giving. It makes things a little more manageable each year, and then each child can really think about the gift they're giving to their sibling.

Saturday afternoon I had a few free minutes, so I snagged Hyrum from his regularly scheduled Saturday activities--rabble rousing, playing, getting dirty--and we headed to the mall to find Lily a present.

Hyrum's only seven, and I prepared myself for his disgust at shopping in "girl stores" and not looking at "cool stuff."

It didn't happen.

We walked into the "girl store," and he immediately began looking for something he thought Lily would like. He carefully considered many different options, first selecting one thing before finding something he thought she would like even better. He weighed color options and even said things like, "Not this one. She already has one that looks kind of like it." I was surprised he paid any attention to what Lily wears or looks like.

Some of the finer aspects of shopping in "girl stores" were lost on him, however. He did run around displays more like he was tackling an obstacle course than a present selection. I laughed to myself as he would corner and dodge other customers, completely oblivious that he really was a young bull in a china shop. He also couldn't be enticed by the possibility of buying something for himself like I always seem to be. (duh. It was a girl store. No Nerf. No Pokemon. Not even candy bars!)

I loved watching him make his choice (he put thought and care into it) and then walk to the register to buy it. He was very proud of himself.

"Can I use your card and push the buttons, too?" Of course, my love.

Within 15 minutes of arrival at the mall, we were driving back home. That is definitely not shopping like a girl.

"I'm not telling ANYBODY what I got Lily. Not even Micah. I can keep a secret so she'll be so surprised."

So far, so good. And his secret is safe with me.


  1. That is SO sweet. And what a great idea to have the kids rotate. It sounds like Hyrum, at least, is taking the task seriously.

  2. I love watching my children buy and wrap their gifts for each other. They get almost as excited about it as they do for their own presents.

  3. I love the idea of having the kids rotate with siblings! Do you set a dollar amount they can spend on each other, and do they spend their own money?