Monday, January 5, 2015

A Singular Sunday

Sundays are supposed to be a day of peace and rest, right?

Most Sundays for most Mormon moms are far from that. We have meals to make, lessons to prepare, diaper bags to fill, kids to dress and comb--all of this on top of trying to make it a day of peace and rest. Most Sundays are not peaceful nor restful around the Sanatorium. Not that I don't try, but they always seem to be too chaotic and too noisy to find any peace.

Yesterday was different, and I wish I could figure out why so I could replicate it every week.

Hyrum and Eve played imagination games together--with no fighting.

Lily listened to inspirational music on her phone and was ready before she was even asked.

Micah pulled out a copy of The Friend (an LDS kids' magazine), the LDS Children's Songbook, and his scriptures and linked stories with scriptures.

Brad looked up names on and talked with Micah about it.

I pulled out my iPad and read the first lesson about Ezra Taft Benson.

There was some minor scuffling while little boys found Sunday shoes and combed their hair, but it was quickly resolved when Dad said it was time to walk to the church.

I don't remember a Sunday morning ever like this before. I entered the chapel a few minutes behind them all, wondering what I'd done to make our Sunday more of a Sabbath day--a holy, peaceful day.

Nothing. I hadn't done anything. They'd done it all on their own. Amazing.

Now, the big question is . . .

How can I make them do it all again next week?


  1. If you figure it out...please pass along the secret. :)

  2. That sounds like a perfect Sunday morning!

  3. I know our home was a little different this Sunday too but I think it was the excitement and anticipation of new teachers, new classes, new time.
    My day? Well, I'm Primary President and it's a completely different story. My poor husband is a single parent more often than I'd like and if I'm not on the go, my mind is.

    1. P.S. I'm glad you had the day you did. We all need a change of pace every once in a while.