Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Just a Decluttering, Cleaning, Whirling Dervish Around Here

School doesn't resume for me until next Monday, so I've been using all of my "free" time to reorganize the stuff that multiplied exponentially while I was focused on my studies. I've tossed games with missing pieces, relabeled all of the toys in the toy closet, restocked and restacked all of the dishes, reorganized all of the DVDs (mostly with Lily's help--thanks, Lil!), eliminated two totes full of holiday decor, thrown away three black bags full of junk, and taken two trips to Deseret Industries (donation center).

I've moved furniture in the family room, in the hobby room, in the library, and have my sights set on the master bedroom next (watch out, Brad). I feel like there's a deadline for my productiveness, and I don't want to leave a single drawer, shelf, closet, or cushion unturned.

In the past, I've always kept this thought in the back of my mind: "I need to do something with this space that will be photo worthy--something that will look good on the blog, something that will inspire someone else." This time has been very different. Instead of organizing with a beautiful product in mind, utility has been uppermost in my thoughts. Will moving this dresser make the space function better? If I throw this game out, who will really care? I know we never finished the Christmas puzzle (sorry, Karli--I really tried, but I had no one to help me after you left for Provo), but it needs to be put away. I don't mind as much as I thought I would that it's not Pinterest perfect. In fact, picking form over function has been quite liberating. The furniture in the hobby room seems unbalanced? Doesn't matter, because there's more floor space to . . . oh yeah . . . work on hobbies. The containers in the toy closet don't all have lids and color coordinate? Doesn't matter, because the kids break them faster than I can replace them. I have empty shelves and empty drawers and overflowing garbage cans. It feels fantastic.

The lack of clutter in my home is freeing my mind as well. I'm more relaxed, and I'm hoping that since I only have two classes left until I finish my master's degree, this basic level of organization can be maintained on some level until May 5th--liberation day.

There's only one problem.

I don't have any desire to go back to school. Four straight semesters have left me drained and weary. I'm hoping I can catch that first whiff of new textbook and my motivation returns.

Maybe after I refile all of my piano music and go through my master closet . . .

I know. I'm weird.


  1. Decluttering really IS so freeing! I need to do the same. I have way too much stuff. And that's really all it is...stuff.

  2. ahhhhhh.... that sounds so relaxing! Great way to start a new year :)

  3. Best way to start the year- getting rid of stuff! Forget going to the gym.

  4. weird? no way!!! i always have to de-clutter before i take on any major project! and i think finishing a masters degree is WAY over qualified as a major project!! i'm right there with ya...throw it out and move it around!!
    have a happy day jen