Saturday, January 24, 2015

Farewell, Christmas Cheer

Can you find yours?
I walk by this spot multiple times a day. I often stop and look at the faces of the people I love ,and that short moment makes me smile. Kids will come to play and find their picture on the door, and they know they are an important part of our lives.

So many people don't send Christmas cards any more--Facebook, email, busy-ness all have contributed to the decline. I want you to know that we savor every single one we get. Exclamations of "Wow, their kids are big!" and "They moved this year." and "I remember them!" fill our home each Christmas season. Thanks for taking the time to send these to us. We love them, and we love you!

It's time to take down the Christmas cards. Until next year.


  1. I see it!! :)
    We got about half the cards this year that we normally get. I heard from so many people who said they just didn't get around to doing it. :(
    Have a great week!