Monday, January 26, 2015

Visiting the Land of Make Believe

I love watching imagination in action.
These boys spent a long time digging through the "dress up" box to find all of the manly and tough capes, helmets, belts, and weapons.
They often play games centered on bows, arrows, nerf guns, etc., but this game was different.
They built a "fortress" (NOT a fort) and informed me that they weren't warriors, but "mercenaries."
Where do they come up with this stuff?

Then, a minute later, I heard Hyrum tell his friend, "You're a mercenary. You fight for money, but I fight for JUSTICE!" He must have abandoned his mercenary identity for some crime-fighting superhero.

I think Evie was the huntsman and her friend Red Riding Hood this day.
They were eating popcorn and engaged in a deep conversation about it. Eve must have been in charge.
Beautiful late-afternoon light doesn't hurt when you're living in the land of make believe.
I don't want these days of imagination and pretend to ever end, and I know I'm in the twilight of them. 


  1. we are in full throttle over here:) the dress up bin is my FAVORITE activity!!!

  2. I miss the days when I could just play all day and let my imagination run wild. Sigh.