Thursday, January 15, 2015

For Those of You Freezing in Winter Right Now

Arizona winter is real-world fall.
My three little ones spent most of Sunday morning playing in the leaves.
No, this wasn't a fort. It was a leaf fortress and Micah was installing the roof.

We built our house almost eight years ago, and the trees are finally getting big enough to create great piles of leaves.
Fortress building is a fun way to mask the work involved with raking leaves. Wish I could turn all work into games like this.

These three pictures illustrate the truth Eve learned about leaf piles. She is an AZ girl, and leaf piles are novel to her five-year-old mind.
She climbed the tree--in a princess dress and glass slippers. She may be a princess, but the girl can't resist a good climbing tree. I love her face in this picture--just as she was ready to let go and drop into the big pile.
Life lesson learned:
Leaf piles are definitely not soft places to land. Even if you're a princess.

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  1. Our world is such an interesting place! Snowdrops blooming up here and leaves falling where you are....