Friday, January 16, 2015

Toros . . . Swish!

Seems like Lily moved straight from football to basketball.

Oh. Wait. She did.
It's much harder to get good shots in the gym as opposed to the track.
I did try. Lily is a base spotter--she was so sad when she got too tall to be a flyer. But she's strong and dependable.
She's the back spot. The one with the dark hair and the ponytail with a blue polka dot ribbon. What? You don't see her?

I said she's the Back. Spot. Now do you see her?

New season. A few new cheers.

Throw in a back tuck or two . . .
. . . a split jump or two . . . 
. . . and whole squad tumbling passes. 

So many games--girls', boys', freshman, JV, varsity. 

GO Toros!

1 comment:

  1. oh the memories this brings back to me!!! it was SUCH fast switch from football to basketball. it always took us a few games to get our basketball cheers in good form because there just wasn't any time to practice and get them ready like you have for football. i loved the basketball games bc of the warm gym {this after three months of night games in the fog on the track--no sweaters or leggings ever kept us warm enough}, and how quick the games were. done in a flash;) fun and done! plus, EVERYONE could hear us in the small gym, and the crowd was always so much better about doing the cheers with us. such a great time.