Thursday, February 19, 2015

Closer and Closer . . . And Yet So Far

I'm so ready for this to be done. For what to be done?
I may have mentioned this little project we have going on . . .

Parts of it are getting close to finished.
This was the best photo I could get of the hallway and bedrooms without a tripod. The staining and paint are mostly done. Electricity is not done, and a few junction boxes now need to be moved.
Tile is waiting to be installed. Hardwood is in the garage acclimating. Rolls of carpet and pad wait patiently next to boxes of fireplace stone.
Still need portable heaters because HVAC is not done yet. Vents in; heating and colling units not in. The wall reserved for wallpaper . . . not ready for wallpaper. More prep work needs to be done, and the installer will have to make another trip on another day.
I adore the trim--the trim around the windows and along the stairs. I love the color of the walls.
The color of the island . . . is wrong. Completely wrong. As is the color used on the laundry cabinets. They will be repainted. And that will take more time.
But the farmhouse sink? Yeah. Pretty perfect under that window that looks out into the Ponderosa forest.

The sewer is already installed but can't be finished until we have power to flush the system out. Most of the siding is done--except this stretch across the front . . .
. . . and around the garage. Hyrum hunts for treasure every time we visit. This time he secreted his finds in his pillow case so I couldn't find them till we were home,and it was too late to reprimand and confiscate.

We took the kids to the river which flows this time of year but is dry in summer.
I can't wait to start making memories here.
Memories that include a flushing toilet and beds with sheets.

Just sayin'.


  1. so so so soooooo exciting!!! i'm a window person, so i'm in love with ALLL of your fabulous windows and all of the sunlight that will come in through them!

  2. That is one amazing house - even unfinished. And what an amazing setting.

  3. What a great memory-making place it will be!

  4. Hey. Don't discount the memories made already! These will be days you will remember too. Enjoy the moment...!