Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In Eve's Words

Every Monday after school, I search Eve's backpack for one special assignment. The question is always the same, but the results are always unique. That single sheet of paper always makes me smile, because I get to see the world through her words and illustrations.

What do you think this illustrates?

Here is the story, in her words:
What these words don't convey is her excitement to go shoe shopping with me and Lily.

She waited all day. She told Brad over and over that when we got home, she was "going shoe shopping with Mom and Lily." She told Micah's friend she couldn't play Ticket to Ride with them because she was waiting for Lily to get home so we could "go shoe shopping." She didn't call a friend to come play because "What if we have to leave and go shoe shopping?" Lily was at track practice, and I thought she would be home around 1:30. Eve played in the yard and wandered around, never fully engaging in any activity in case Lily got home, marking the time to leave.

My phone dinged. "Mom! That's Lily! Let's go get her!" It was 4 pm. Eve had patiently waited five hours for Lily to finish practice. Did we have time to go shoe shopping? Did I have the heart to let her down?

Lily changed quickly, and the three of us left to go shoe shopping.

What is it about a store completely devoted to shoes that lights every girl's eyes? Although the selection in the little girls' section was severely limited, Eve didn't care. She tried on black sparkly Mary Janes and soft moccasins lined with faux sheepskin. She searched the shelves for high heels in her size but had to be satisfied as she watched Lily try on pair after pair after pair.

Red peep-toe platforms. Black suede booties. Grey stilettos. Buff Princess Kate-esque pumps. Higher and higher. I could feel Eve's excitement every time Lily would round the corner and ask, "What about these?" Eve voiced her opinion on every pair.

Lily decided on the buff pumps and a pair of casual canvas shoes. Eve brought home a new pair of white sandals for Church and these flowery shoes for school.
I couldn't convince her that her pants/socks/shoes combo was a little over the top, but it was perfect for running around the back yard to show Daddy.

And a perfect day for to shop for noo shoos.


  1. So fun. It must just be a girl thing, as getting my boys into any store is difficult, and getting them to try on anything is even harder. They will take the first pair of shoes that fits.