Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"We Made the Blog!"

Remember this?

Or this?

Or this?

Three of these boys are currently serving missions (Ben Pack and Ben Denton in Peru, McKay in Korea (Happy Birthday, K!) ), and the fourth opened his mission call to Fukuoka, Japan, just Sunday night.

This post isn't about these great young men.

It's about her.
On Sunday, it was her turn to speak in Church as she prepares to leave for her mission--to Puebla, Mexico. Tomorrow morning, she will be on a plane headed for the MTC.

As part of her final testimony, she sang. And that was all it took. I was a bawling mess. Well, we both were--Shauna (McKay's mom) and me. Lily says she can tell by our eyes that we'd been crying. She just doesn't understand that that's what moms of missionaries do--we cry sometimes.
Marissa is one of a kind, and I'm so grateful that Ben counts her among his best friends--this group of friends.

It's crazy how seeing them all together made me miss Ben so much. And since girls serve six months less than boys, Marissa will be home six weeks before Ben. That made me miss him even more.

As moms were snapping away, Shauna yelled, "If you want a copy of the picture, Jenny will post it on her blog!"

Someone in the back shouted back, "WE MADE THE BLOG!"

I couldn't disappoint them, could I?

Good luck, Marissa. God be with you . . .


  1. What a lovely girl she is. (I always get excited about a ballet dancer.)
    Seems like your boy has some pretty neat friends.

    I bet she will make a great missionary.


  2. We have a lovely sister from our ward serving in that mission! Sister Bullock whom we all love and miss! It really is the best thing having our kids serve missions!

  3. LOVE seeing all those awesome youth.

  4. LOVE seeing all those awesome youth.

  5. That is so sweet!!!! I look at all those beautiful young ladies and I see a force to be reckoned with. Lots of future missionaries!