Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Paint Time Reminded Me . . .

Micah had a project to complete for school--
--a mock-up of a Revolutionary War sea battle. 

Once the paints were out, there was no way I could keep Hyrum and Eve away. Instead, we pulled more butcher paper off the 5,000-pound roll and gave them their own spaces to create.

 I wish I had had training as an artist so I would know the line between giving inspiring ideas and interfering and manipulating the project. Eve's white clouds were beautiful. Can you see them?

Hyrum made a nightscape.
Watching them all paint together on the porch reminded me how I used to designate Thursday afternoons as Mom time. Way back before grad school took over my days and nights.

How we used to go fun places and do fun things, just us.

Micah will be in sixth grade next year, and the window for me to enjoy afternoons with him is quickly closing. 

I resolved to start that tradition back up again in August.

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  1. This is the second post I've seen today about painting with the kids and it looks like so much fun!