Monday, March 9, 2015

The Youngest One

Evie is not an overly social child. She likes her friends and playing with them, but new experiences, big crowds, and unfamiliar people are not her type of thing.

She is happy alone. Or not alone.
Hyrum bought this stuffed Rottweiler at a local garage sale a few weeks ago, and he has become Evie's pet. She taught him how to play Spot-it.
He's a great opponent. He never throws a fit when Evie wins.

She has taken him for walks.
And he never pulls too hard or runs away.
It almost makes me want a real one.

Not really, but almost.


  1. And lucky for her, (and you!) she doesn't have to pick up any poop!

  2. And it never barks or demands too much attention. The perfect pet!

  3. This is too cute! Come on can you not get that sweet girl a dog?! ;)

  4. Shes such a pretty little girl! Looks like she's having a good time.