Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ketchup #3--Lily

Exciting times for this girl. She turned 15 last week.

And what did she do for her birthday?
Fly to Utah with her daddy and hang with her cousins for the weekend.

There was a little more to it than that, actually a lot more. She and Brad attended General Conference.
I love that my kids have memorable experiences with their dad. I have yet to attend a live session of conference, but Brad has made a point to do it with each of our kids after they turn fourteen (Lily's was delayed because I was helping Heidi after Jonah was born for the first conference, and Ben's last Sunday home was over October conference).

What did she ask for for her fifteenth birthday?
She asked for a room makeover.

We spent an entire day painting (all the walls are grey with half of this wall as a chalkboard), a few days shopping, one evening hanging pictures, and it's almost finished.

We did send her a blurry photo of her surprise present waiting when she got back from Utah:

I don't think she minded that her brothers got to try it out before she did.

Love this girl and her spunky ways.

As soon as the room's done, I'll show you. It's getting really close, but those mirrors are still sitting on the floor . . .