Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ketchup #5--Spring Break

Photo dump of our staycation Spring Break. We didn't have anywhere exciting to go, but we tried to find a few exciting things to do.

Hyrum has fixed a few things around here--helped Dad fix my stool and the garage door opener.
I took the three littlest kids to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. It was so cool! A huge jungle gym constructed of recycled stuff . . .
. . . one entire room dedicated to fort building. Micah's legs are visible behind Eve's head. The kids stayed in here a long time. Fort building is a very important skill at the Sanatorium.
Eve had her first experience with a hula hoop. Then Mom showed her how it's done!

The craft room was not Micah's favorite, but he did add some green paint to the enormous cardboard castle.

Aren't those ostriches in the back cool? Reclaimed from an Anthropologie display.
On Saturday, we scoped out the creativity festival at the Mesa Arts Center.

Eve went from singing on the stairs to . . .
. . . screaming on the stairs on the way back up.

The weather was perfect that day. The kids ran in the fountain and got just wet enough to cool down a little bit.

These huge human tops were a hit.
Micah kept saying, "These are SCARY!" but I didn't believe him--until I got in one.
They swiveled unpredictably as your body weight shifts, and it feels like you're going to tip over at any second. They are designed to keep upright, but it doesn't feel like they will.
A few fun adventures in boring old Mesa for Spring Break.


  1. Hyrum is so cute in those protection glasses! Looks like fun!

  2. What a great time everybody must have had. Looks so fun.