Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ketchup #4--Eve

I convinced Eve to buy a dress. It took some convincing, because dresses like this are almost always itchy and uncomfortable.

Not this dress. It's not any ordinary dress.

It is an Elsa dress.

With a hoop skirt.

And a cape.

Just like Elsa.
She has worn that Elsa dress with its cape and hoop skirt, along with her Cinderella glass slippers, almost every day for a month.

Remember how I took Ellie and her family to see Cinderella?

Eve wore her Elsa dress and glass slippers to the movie theatre.

To see Cinderella.

I can't explain how I felt as I watched her experience that movie. She danced in the aisle and pretended she was Cinderella through the whole movie. She took off her glass slippers when Cinderella did, and she ran up and down stairs and pretended to cry and spun and danced.

Just like Cinderella. But in an Elsa dress.

To be five and see Cinderella for the first time as you spin in your Elsa dress and glass slippers?

Only one word.


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