Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Second Generation Babies

I was on a cleaning binge a few weeks ago, and no dark corner could escape my purging eye. While working, I found this little basket on the top shelf of the girls' bathroom.
I had forgotten it was hidden up there.

I had forgotten it was there, but I hadn't forgotten the day I hid it there. In fact, I blogged about it--here. It was the day that I no longer had a baby in my house. It was such a sad day--for Evie and for Evie's mama. It hurts mommies for their babies to grow up.

Funny how time keeps moving and life circles from one phase to the next.

I do have babies of my own. They are just far away.

Like this little blond blue-eyed girl up in Utah--stole her photo from her mama's Facebook page.
Annie is nine months old. Walking and beginning to talk. Can't wait to see her and her parents when they come home in a few weeks.

And then there's my Idaho group.

Donut (Jonah). The kid who never stops eating or smiling. Just turned one this week and ate more chocolate cake than I ever thought possible for someone so small.

"Nay-Nay" as Mr. Nathan has dubbed himself. Blue-eyed and charming, he wraps total strangers around his finger within minutes. If that's what he can do at 2 1/2, watch out, ladies!

Ellie Rose--the one to rule them all. My first baby of the second generation is almost four years old now, and she holds my heart in her chocolate eyes and chocolate curls.

As hard as it was (and is) to accept that I will never have babies again--never have a toddler kicking my pregnant belly from the seat of the Target cart again--I am falling more and more in love with this new phase of life. FaceTime calls and text messages. Hearing "Gran D" and knowing they are talking just to me. Treats and trinkets every time they ask (and sometimes even before).

Rafiki was right.

**For the record, I couldn't part with all of Eve's precious pacys. A few of them ended up in the front pocket of this bag. Thought they would be safe there.


  1. May I also mention that Jonah eats an entire peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch now... I had been giving him a half, but he would finish that in a snap and look at me like "ok, what's next?" That kid is going to eat us out of house and home!

  2. Boy those are some CUTE kids!

  3. The best part of this post is, "Ellie Rose, the one to rule them all." I'm gonna start calling her Sauron