Friday, May 1, 2015


April 2015 

The month our dream of a cabin realized

The month my dream of a master's degree materialized 

The month my dream of a kind heart imagined and collapsed 

In hindsight, setting such a lofty goal of performing all of my actions with kindness during the month filled with the most (albeit positive and happy) stress was unwise and doomed from the start. 

I had the worst parenting moment of my life--a moment that, when I watch that DVD in the sky, I will hide my eyes and beg for forgiveness and a merciful fast forward. Not all moments can be Parents magazine-worthy, and my expectations of such disappeared years ago, but I cringe when I think how far I fell from that kindness goal. 

Since, I have been much better. Much calmer. Much kinder. 

And May 2015 stretches before me. 

The month we will retreat to the cabin whenever possible

The month I will walk a commencement

The month I will refocus my heart on kindness

And reap the blessings of forgiveness and second chances. 


  1. Thank goodness for second chances. It's a good thing that we are all parented, ultimately, by a Father who forgives.
    Congratulations on all the wonderful happenings - you have cause for celebration!

  2. Awesome stuff here. All the best to you.

  3. One of the best lessons my kids taught me was forgiveness. It seems they had an ability to forgive and forget no matter how big a beast I was the previous day. Apologies are easily accepted and I think they find comfort in knowing we are human. Best wishes for a better month...and congratulations again!