Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Piano Guys

Skee-wampous ties and barely coiffed hair. No belts but clean white shirts. 
Mischievous and darling. How can one picture capture that in my boys?

Here are clips of their latest piano recital.

Micah still has an issue with going way too fast. Don't know where he got that . . .
Nerves are part of that, I know. He did try to slow down the middle section a little bit. We've tried explaining to him that it's his job to tell the pirates' adventure, but he's only 10. There's still time to learn how.

Hyrum is much more deliberate in his playing.
He gets so serious when he is in front of people--completely the opposite of his regular personality. It's kind of funny to watch the Tasmanian Devil transform into Mr. Serious.

Love these guys. Love their teachers and how patient they are with my boys.

Learning to play the piano takes practice.

Learning to make music takes a lifetime.


  1. So, so sweet. I have such a soft spot for little boys - going to see mine in Edmonton next week - especially little boys intent on mastering a skill. Yours are wonderful!

  2. Darling little boys! And those 1000 watt smiles have melting powers! And aren't piano teachers just the best?! Well done.

  3. Well done! They have so much personality, too.

    Bryce played Jaws at his recent recital. Of course, he loved it like no other.