Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Coming!

There's this little place just 90 minutes north of here that keeps calling me.

It's coming together, little by little. I think my favorite part of being there is waking up to the sun rising over the Mogollon Rim--and bathing my bed in light.

I convinced my bestie to accompany me on a last-minute trip. I promised her a cool, breezy night, good food and great company.

She didn't get what she was promised.

Instead, I worked her for over eight hours. No breaks. That's not true. We did take a break when we broke the saw and had to scavenge for one at the teeny hardware store in town.
We measured and figured and remeasured and cut and pinned and sewed. It's so painless to do painful projects like five working Roman shades with someone who thinks like you and works like you. It doesn't hurt when you've been friends over twenty years. ("When you sew like we do . . . ")

We ate subs left over from our drive up--cold, soggy subs with warm Pepsi.
We also evaluated, measured, and painted (and scrubbed paint drips off the floor).

We went to bed late and got up early. Didn't even make her breakfast. I think she may have eaten an apple as we drove home.

When I dropped her off at home, she exclaimed, "THANKS! That was so fun! We need to do that more often!"

That's when you know you are friends for life--when a quick work trip like this one really was fun.

Thanks, Karen. Now if I can convince Brad to hang the shades this weekend!


  1. Did the pic have to include the granny glasses I now need to function?!! I loved it! I cannot imagine what my life would look like with out that 20 years of friendship. (I so wanted to put an exclamation point there, wonder where Logan gets it?)

  2. So fun! I am a horrible seamstress, but I can sing and dance while other people work. If you're ever interested! ;) Can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. I'm not sure I could ever make myself leave that bedroom! Say hi to Karen for me.