Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Mother's Day to me is sleeping as late as I can. Big fruit salad for breakfast in bed. Handmade cards and a few school crafts. Begging for a day of peace. I've learned to let my expectations for this day drop.

I don't really ask for a lot--no big brunch, no presents, no special dinner.

Mother's Day to me is the day where I get to appreciate being a mother, not the day where I feel guilty that I'm not the mother from a Hallmark card. I'm not her. I never will be. But I'm the only mother my kids get, and they are the only chance I get to learn how to be their mom. Symbiotic at is simplest.

What would I be and where would I be without these seven blessings in my life? Without my own kind mother whose endless patience both humbles and inspires?

I Facetimed with my two older kids and their spouses and kids. That was awesome. I called my mom--my example of patience and acceptance for whatever life throws at you.

And we Skyped Ben in Peru. That was the best part of the day. We Facetimed Heidi on Brad's phone. Tucker's connection kept dropping and they could only be connected by speaker on my phone. Can you see all of us piled in the corner of the screen?
My little boys laughed and poked and teased and fought a little bit.
 They may have been sent out of the room a few times so the rest of us could listen.

Ben told stories and pulled faces and exclaimed at how big the kids had gotten since he left in October.
 Tucker tried to understand Ben's Peruvian Spanish, and Heidi wrestled her own commotion at home.
Lily waved to Ben's companion in the background--the companion may have been a little flustered by attention from a girl.
 Eve was pretty sick (in her own words, she "barfed FOUR TIMES today!"), but she didn't want to miss a second seeing her beloved big brother onscreen.
 Brad tried to manage technical difficulties among the phones and computer while trying to listen.
And me? About halfway through our 45-minute conversation, I noticed that my cheeks were hurting.

Nothing makes me happier than having my entire family together in one room. Even if it is only virtually together.

Some moms go to bed on Mother's Day with high expectations dashed. Some moms go to bed on Mother's Day laden with guilt from all they're not doing. Some moms go to bed on Mother's Day showered with gifts and good food.

I went to bed before 9 pm with aching cheeks and a heart overflowing with love for my imperfect family.

Emphasis on the mine.


  1. You know, I spend many months away from your family at a time and love to see any and all of them whenever possible. Because I don't see them very often, I should be used to these feelings so I was surprised at my reaction when I saw those pictures of Ben. I felt an overpower feeling of lonesomeness and the tears started. I really miss him. I'm glad at least, to have the opportunity to be able to write to him and convey my love to him. I can imagine why your cheeks hurt. I am just dealing with watery eyes and a stuffy nose. Love our boy Ben.

  2. I'm glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. So did I.

  3. Mother's Day is a tricky day. It seems there are always expectations around it, that no one will live up to. I'm with you. I've lowered my expectations and just focus on how much I love being a mom. It always makes for a delightful day.

  4. I don't think there could have been a better Mothers' Day or a better expression of appreciation.

  5. Talking to a missionary is always the best part of Mother's Day. Glad you had a good one!