Thursday, May 14, 2015

The City Feeds Me

Brad and I took a quick trip to Chicago for his law school class's 20th reunion.

I don't know what it is about the city, but I love it.
I love the commotion and the energy and the excitement and the constant rush of life all around me.

I love people watching and window shopping.
I love mass transit and cabs and a new love--Uber.

I love museums and art and artifacts architecture and learning. I had forgotten how much I love walking the galleries in a beautiful art museum.

I love how seasons kiss a city differently than they do the suburbs. I love how each tree sings its own song and together they alert the people of the changing seasons. The trees in Hyde Park were greener than the ones downtown--20 minutes away.
I love the food in Chicago. I love finding new holes in the wall, reserving space at upscale eateries, and of course, ordering takeout from Giordano's Pizza in Hyde Park. There is nothing in the world as delicious as Giordano's Pizza. (And I'm not just saying that because my Whole30-influenced mind sees the combination of cheese and bread and kicks into overdrive. Maybe kinda, but seriously . . . the best pizza ever.)

I love the memories we have of Chicago--how the smell and the wind and the trees and the buildings flood me with thoughts of early motherhood and two tiny kids and a busy dark-haired husband.
My heart aches for this life--for these city experiences for my kids.
And then, like that, we were above the clouds and headed home.

Just five minutes back in my life reminded me how good it is here. How this is where my kids need to be now.

Maybe a city experience is in our future, someday.

Until then . . . 


  1. deep dish in chicago is still one thing i haven't ever done!

  2. deep dish in chicago is still one thing i haven't ever done!