Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cabin Is Finished--Guest Rooms

I thought I scheduled this post for Friday, but it posted early, and I hadn't added any commentary to the pictures. For those of you who read it that way, I'm sorry. Here's the edited, updated version.

When planning the cabin, I wanted it to hold as many people comfortably as possible, and in order to do that, we needed multiple sleeping spaces, while holding the square footage down. We ended up including two bedrooms on the main floor, both furnished with queen beds.

This room is in the front of the cabin.
I bought those wrought iron sconces from Wisteria at least four years ago and removed them when I made the gigantic frame wall in my kitchen (forever more known as "the project that took over my life"). I still loved them and saved them for "somewhere." Flanking this bedroom's window was the perfect somewhere. I found the quilt at an antique store, and even though it's a full on a queen bed and has a few stains and a few of the blocks bled when it was washed, I love it. I love that it had a past before it covered this bed. Dresser, auction find. Curtains, IKEA with additional trim. Painting, World Market. Throw pillow on bed, Wayfair.

I've been trying to keep the accessorizing to a minimum while still tying everything together. The headboard in this room used to hang on my entry staircase wall. Now, it's a perfect headboard. And the lamp was a $5 thrift find that I spray painted yellow to match the "You Are My Sunshine" pillow and bright centers of the quilt blocks.
Frame and nightstand, HomeGoods. Shade, IKEA.

This chair tucked in the corner was another hideous auction find. I love that I can get a chair at auction (check that it's sturdy--any springs/webbing/foam/stuffing can be fixed) and pick a fabric I love to bring it back to life. This chair was an 80s dusty blue chintz floral, which did not match its unusual lines at all. I updated it with a navy stripe and immediately changed it to echo its more masculine lines.
Fabric, SAS Fabrics. Throw pillow, HomeGoods.

The back bedroom on the main floor is probably my favorite of the two. Its view isn't spectacular, but I love how all of the pieces tie together. This room has been designated the "couple with a baby" room, since the closet was purposely made big enough to hold the portable crib. Karli and Tucker have already used it a few times, and I think it works how I intended.
Curtains, IKEA with additional trim.

My mom surprised me with this wall hanging when she came to Arizona for Hyrum's baptism. My favorite part about it is the Ponderosa pine trees that mimic the real ones just outside the window.

Dresser, rocker, lantern, and quilt, auction finds. Red wood bowl, Wayfair.

I struggled to find a good headboard for this room. After I measured these shutters that I found at a flea market, I knew that three of them would be the perfect width for a queen bed. Brad didn't believe me until he was hanging them, and then he repeated a phrase I heard so many times while settling into the cabin that I wish I'd counted, because I'll never hear it that many times again in my life--"I doubted you on this choice. But I was wrong. It's just right."

Yeah. That never gets old!

Quilt, Pottery Barn. Pillow, Wayfair. Lamp, Walmart. Shade, Target.

This room has a little surprise right outside the door. Can you see it? I'll tell you more about it tomorrow!

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  1. The guest room looks so homey. Did you do those quilts? I love them. Especially the Denton one.