Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cabin Is Finished--Kitchen

Yesterday I began revealing our finished cabin, starting with the living room, which leads directly into the kitchen.
When we were staying in Pennsylvania three years ago, I fell in love with how the kitchen was laid out with windows on two sides and a big serving counter underneath. While I couldn't incorporate the design exactly, I did use that little kitchen as the inspiration for this kitchen's layout.
Lighting throughout (unless otherwise noted), ATG online stores.

I wanted a space that could expand when full to the brim but that didn't feel too big when it was just a few of us. I've had groups of both sizes, and it works well either way.
Antique step stool, auction find. Table runner and lazy susan (that doesn't really spin), HomeGoods. Vintage comb sanitizer used as straw holder, auction find. Rug, HomeGoods. Clock, Wayfair.

Looking from the kitchen into the living room. In order to leave the counter under the window free for serving, I had to move the stove to the island. At first, I thought it would bug me, but I really like it there.
Tray, HomeGoods. Pitcher and cups, IKEA. Tea towel, Anthropologie. Stove, GE Monogram.

Like I said yesterday, I love the wood details in this house. My builder knew how to read my mind most of the time, and I would say, "This is kinda what I want," and he would come back with detail work like this banister.

Around the corner is a little nook with a closet, a pantry, and a work area for me (if I ever feel the need to bring my computer up there--haven't yet).
Fridge, Whirlpool. Red chair, Birch Lane. Apron, HomeGoods. Basket, IKEA.

Would you bring a computer to this spot--when you can look out and see lizards playing tag on the rocks and watch elk, deer, and coyotes wander through the manzanita?
Bowls, file, and cork, Target. Plant, HomeGoods.

As I acquired stuff over the months, I would have ideas in my head where they would be placed. The second I saw this antique store scale, I knew I wanted it hanging in my kitchen somewhere. Every time I would visit during the building phase, I began to wonder if there would be a place to hang it. I was so happy to find that there was!
This wall threw me for a bit of a loop. Initially, I had hoped to place a bench or table for extra meal accommodations, but when the island's measurements had to be increased to fit the stove, I was a bit stumped. Until I thought about a chalkboard! And the kids love it! Brad made me the frames out of salvaged pallet wood for our anniversary. They were much more work than I thought they'd be, and I love them there. They frame two sheets from the plans our contractor used. These sheets show the plot, the floor plan, and all of the dates that it passed inspection.
Now that the railing has been added to finish off the chalkboard, I need to have Brad raise those frames. Didn't see it till I took a picture of it!

This table is another detail that always makes it to my top-five list. The space was a little smaller than we had hoped, and we needed to find a trestle table that could expand to seat 10+ people, seat only 6 most of the time, and that was 2-3" narrower than usually found. Karli told me about her uncle who is a finish carpenter, and after exchanging ideas, he created this beauty.
Leather chairs and fabric chairs, IKEA.

If you live close by and need custom wood work done, KC is your guy. He also fixed my bucking rocking chair when it got a little loose from too many riders.

I wanted to seat as many people as possible, and it took a long time for me to find barstools that were narrow enough to fit four in this space. These are made from wood reclaimed from wine barrels. Each has its own unique coloring from the wine as it aged.
Stools, Wayfair.

Our property is just outside the boundaries of city services (water, trash, electricity), so we have to haul all of our trash back to the valley. When I saw this huge set of blue and white dishes at auction, I snapped it up--120+ pieces for $100. They are not only unusual--they are also unusually strong. I've dropped plates and cups already, and not one has broken yet!
The counters are another top five. When I went to the stone supplier and they began pulling out slabs, I immediately fell in love with these two slabs. The salesman, however, was a bit skeptical."You better feel them before you commit. These were a special order, and once they were here, the lady changed her mind when she felt the finish." This granite looks like marble but has a leather finish--matte with a little texture to it. I was sold. They are even more unusual in person.

Next up--guest rooms


  1. That is a beautiful cabin! Stunning. I love all the little details. Congrats! I'll bet it feels good to have this done.

  2. Wowza. You are going to have such wonderful times here!