Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cabin Is Finished--Master Bedroom and Kids' Bunk Room (With a Little Surprise)

Two more entries on the cabin, then I promise I'll write about other things!

The best view from this spot is up to the Mogollon Rim, and Brad and I both wanted the master bedroom's windows to face this way. Every morning I've woken up here, I listen to the wind in the Ponderosa pines and feel the morning sun warm my face. It is my favorite room in the house.

The headboard is two doors I found at a local flea market, and after measuring them, I snatched them up for the headboard. The curtains are an IKEA king bedspread I cut in half and trimmed. Total cost for the window treatments--about $35.
Night tables, Sconces, ATG stores. Coverlet, HomeGoods. Bedskirt, Pottery Barn.

Isn't that morning sun delicious? The bolster pillow is covered with an Indian throw that I cut to fit the pillow form.
Shams, Anthropologie.

Can you see out that window? Just looking at it makes me want to drive up there right now and sleep till morning.

Almost everything I planned for the cabin worked out just as I'd imagined. Everything except the bunk room. And I can't really complain about the results.

My original idea was to make a room that would hold three sets of bunk beds, easily sleeping six kiddos. Unfortunately, when I measured twin mattresses and designed the room, I forgot to take into consideration the width of drywall and baseboards. My dad put together the first two sets of beds and had just opened the third when he realized that the final set wouldn't fit. I already had all six mattresses and all of the bedding, so the final two mattresses are piled in the corner, waiting for me to figure out a solution. Still haven't hung art in here--sitting in frames and waiting till I sort out this problem.
The shade in this room is the same fabric as those in the loft, and the red stripes help tie the two adjacent spaces together.
Reading lights and bunk beds, IKEA. Red cart, HomeGoods. View, priceless

When I saw the navy botanical toile print and red gingham check fabrics at IKEA,i knew it was what I had in my mind for this room's bedding. I found three different navy print sheets at Target and bought two of each set so they all coordinate but don't match. My time was stretched so thin that I called a good friend who is even better with a sewing machine, and he whipped up six duvet covers and six throw pillows. Perfection. I love the overlapping sheet with button trim topping each duvet cover.
I've had a few people stay at the cabin without me, and without fail, they texted me and asked, "Why is there no closet in the bunk room?"

Ah, my friends, but there is.

I forgot to snap a picture of it, but hidden behind a moving panel on the beadboard wall next to the left bed is a hidden room.We never told the kids about it while it was being built, but while the adults were busy moving furniture into the cabin and the kids were busy exploring, Hyrum discovered it by accidentally leaning against the wall. Just as I had hoped.

All that's left to show you is the finished exterior. Stay tuned!

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  1. I sure have enjoyed your cabin posts! I think bunk rooms are the coolest...I can imagine kids laying in bed and giggling the night away. I love the pillows and colors you chose for this happy room!