Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cabin Is Finished--Exterior

Final post on the cabin--the exterior.

Brad wanted the exterior to be the lowest maintenance possible--metal roof, concrete siding that looks like weathered wood, aluminum windows, and instead of a wood deck, more concrete. It all tied together perfectly.

The covered porch is divided into four seating areas. On the far right side next to the barbecue are four picnic benches that convert into two picnic tables. I forgot to photograph them, but you can find them here. We have used them every time we've been at the cabin, and they are fantastic. Hard to put together, but they convert from bench to table and back again instantly, and they are both sturdy and lightweight. I can't recommend them enough.

Remember these trunks that I used as a night stand in my boys' room? They were part of a lot I bought at auction, all pieces monikered as part of Robert Mazet's property. Also part of that lot was this red industrial cart, which mimics the window trim. I wanted rocking chairs that looked a little modern but still worked in a cabin setting.
Rug, Wayfair. Pillows, Costco. Rocking chairs,

If you look in the picture above, you can see the antique fencing I bought at a flea market last spring. It's now the back of everyone's favorite place to relax. 

It's in the prime corner of the porch. View of the Rim and down the driveway and into the living room. Best place to catch the breeze and catch a few winks.

It swings like a cradle, not so much up and down but a gentle, soothing back and forth motion that sends sleepy messages to the brain. My upholsterer covered a twin mattress with grey Sunbrella fabric, and it should resist the light sun and rain that could hit it occasionally.
Home pillow, HomeGoods. Striped pillow, IKEA rugs converted to pillow. Back pillows and throw, IKEA.

This is the main outside conversation area. and the morning light makes it quite inviting.
Wood trunk and black chairs and cushions, IKEA. Rug, Wayfair.

I bought this church pew at an auction a long, long time ago. I knew I'd find a place for it, and the plan all along was to place it in the kitchen (against the wall where the chalkboard is now) for extra seating when the house is full, but the space ended up being just a smidgen too narrow and the pew wouldn't work. It found a perfect home on the patio. It's protected from most of the elements because it sits so deep under the porch. I do think I will move it into the garage during the winter.
I initially thought I would hang a dinner triangle out here, but when I found this cute brass bell at HomeGoods, I changed my mind. I know the kids will be ringing it all the time, but I don't mind.
That's it.

Living room
Guest rooms
Bathrooms and laundry
Loft and office
Master and bunk rooms

What are your favorites? Mine, in no particular order:
Map wall
Antique barn door
Library shelves and ladder
Tree painting
The overall feel of the living room
The view from my bed

I know I said top five, but it was still hard to limit it to six. This project has been such a joy for me, and although I'm a little blue that it's over, I can't wait to start making memories in this place with my family surrounding me, for generations to come.


  1. Exterior/ red trim
    Kitchen/table/framed cabin plans
    Bunk room
    Map wall/ sliding door
    Living room/fireplace/tree

  2. I love it all. My favorite part is that you have a brand new cabin, but it has charm because of the great peices/furniture you used. It looks lovely. I can't wait to do the same thing someday! Very well done!

  3. Your cabin is amazing! It looks even more beautiful than last month. You will have make many wonderful memories there.