Wednesday, August 12, 2015

First Day of School, 2015

Look way down at the bottom of this calendar.
Summer is officially over today.

First day of school.

Stairsteps all in a row.

Miss Lily.
 Tenth grade at a new school.

 Micah--big sixth grader.
 When did he get so grown up? Wasn't he just a kid a few minutes ago?

Hyrum. Third grade and so happy to be heading out the door this morning.

Evie D. When I was writing on her school folder yesterday, she asked me to leave out the "i" because her real name is "Eve."
 That made me a little bit sad.

New school year. New kicks. I bet Hyrum's and Evie's (yes, I purposely added the i in spite of her request) don't look like that when they get home.
 Watch out world! Here come the Denton Sanatorium's kids!
Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to make some cookies to welcome them home on the first day!


  1. Lookin' good! Hope they all have a GREAT year!!


  2. Totally none of my business, so feel free to ignore this comment (or tell me to buzz off :) ), but why did Lily decide to change schools mid-high school? Only curious because that must have been a tough decision!

    1. Lily changed schools because she was ready for something different. Her older brother Ben attended this new school, and he loved it there. She weighed the pros and cons and decided to make the switch on her own. If it's anything like her first day, I think she will love it there.

  3. The line-up has diminished since I first started following your blog, Jen. But look at sweet Evie and Hyrum! Getting so big! Hope their day is wonderful. Our kids start school next week. Summer is almost over and we're trying to squeeze in a few last moments of "no routine" around here and I love it.