Friday, September 4, 2015

A Wicked Denton Day

I built flexibility into our Denton Days primarily for times like yesterday.

I mean, Wicked is in town.

After running through a dust storm to retrieve our cousin Tyler from the airport and stopping at a gas station for a quick treat for the little kids to share while we were gone, we squeezed in a little fun.
Micah created a tornado in a bottle--two bottles, a washer, dyed water, and some duct tape.

I threw together a quick dinner then ran out the door to curriculum night at the elementary school, while the kids finished up their chores and got ready for Hyrum's scout activity. Tyler took care of the two littles for us, and we raced out the door to Gammage Auditorium at ASU.

Gotta snap a few pictures in front of the banner on the way in--it's tradition.

 And one or two as we waited for the show to start.
The lighting in there is not great for photography, but no grainy image can hide these two kids' excitement at seeing the show.
One of my favorite things in all the world is sharing things I love with my children and watching them experience it for the first time. Micah was excited to see the show, but he's not very familiar with the music and didn't know the story line until I explained it to him on the ride to the theatre.

Lily, on the other hand, has been counting the minutes until we went. She bounced and gasped and clapped and stood and basked in every note. I love live musical theatre, and there is absolutely nothing like live musical theatre done at the Broadway level. I am always awed by the caliber of talent as one amazingly talented person holds the rapt attention of thousands of people while standing alone on a stage, accompanied by an orchestra. Wow can't even describe it.

And I know Lily will never forget it.
Micah didn't hit his bed until way past 11, and all the kids were a bit grumpy this morning, but I would do it again.

And probably will, next time it blows through Phoenix.

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  1. We love Wicked, too. Glad you guys got a chance to catch it.