Thursday, September 3, 2015

Denton Days

In our life before my master's program, I always set aside one day of the week as our "Denton Day." No friends, no planned activities (like music lessons). Just us. It takes a bit of planning on my part, but my kids love it.

Already this school year we've done a little shopping for football gear and grabbed a quick ice cream.
Oh, and that day we happened to find a storm to chase around the valley. As we were driving home, Micah said, "I hope the next time there's a storm to chase, it happens on a Thursday, too!"

I have good intentions of teaching my kids to cook (even though I really detest it), but I never get around to it. I used one of our Thursdays to engage them in planning the meal, shopping for ingredients, and making the food.

I taught them how to find a ripe cantaloupe by feeling and smelling it. Micah wanted to try a Tuscan melon, but I didn't know how to tell if it was ripe or not. He looked at me a little like I was dumb, and said, "Mom. Ask Siri. Duh."
Turns out, you pick a Tuscan melon just like a regular cantaloupe.

They also learned how to choose the best apples.

Hyrum had a party planned with one of his friends for dinner that night (and this whole Denton Day isn't meant to be a punishment but an enjoyable time so I try to be flexible with out-of-the-ordinary experiences), so the food preparation was left to Micah and Eve.

Micah asks for pizzookies all the time, and this was the perfect opportunity to teach him how to make the cookie dough.

Still needs the stool sometimes, but I know those days will quickly be gone.
The dough turned out great, and I know he learned how to do it right, because a few days later, he asked if he and his friend could make cookies. They followed the recipe, baked all the dough, AND cleaned up the kitchen when they were done (including sweeping the floor).
 Eve asked for a fruit salad with dinner, and she learned how to cut fruit. I took of the rinds and she did the rest. Even wore her apron.
The kids all agreed that crepes should be on the menu for dinner. I wasn't as excited about it as they were, but we compromised and made dinner crepes--stuffed with cream cheese, chicken, and broccoli, topped with a little gravy.
Micah got pro at swirling the batter and flipping the crepes. I think he might be my chef child.
When we all pulled up our chairs to the table that night, they explained to Brad and Lily how they shopped and chopped and mixed and fixed all afternoon.

I love spending this time with them when they are still little enough to love being around me and not feel too sad that they sacrificed a day with their friends. I only have this year left with Micah, since he starts junior high next year.
Any great ideas of what we could do on a Thursday afternoon?


  1. I have a feeling that your own ideas will be a lot more great than mine. This is so cool!


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    1. I read this before you deleted it and thought it was hilarious!

  3. That is a wonderful idea! Thanks for the inspiration - this is definitely going to happen at our house! One thing I've been wanting to do with my kids is find new games to play - Uno, Sorry, Chutes and ladders and Connect 4 are getting a little "old". Keep us updated on your Thursdays!

  4. When I grow up, I want to be a mom just like you!