Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Best of the Best--Labor Day Images

I saved my favorite images from our Labor Day weekend for a post all their own. Each is a favorite for a different reason.

Do you remember those times when you hung out with your cousins and the rest of the world disappeared? It was one of those weekends.
This may be my favorite image from the whole weekend. This shows you the scale of that cave. It was unbelievable.
I wish Thomas was looking at the camera in this shot, but the sweaty hair rimming his face tells an Arizona story.
Another image of the bridge, with my niece sporting her ASU shirt. New freshman, school spirit, weekend away from WiFi and homework--she was a little stressed, but she still took time to play with her family.
This image--can you spot two of my nephews? Love this shot.

This series of photos tells a great story. Dinner set on the counter, waiting for the tower of tiles to fall. I love every expression on every face. If you look closely, you can see Nancy's sneaky pinch to Brad's armpit as the photos progress.
I love this family of mine. I love spending time with them.

And it's exhausting, especially for the little ones. Eve had to be separated from all of the other cousins on the last night because she was completely worn out. She needed to sleep. She's at least three years younger than the next cousin (Hyrum), and she tries to do everything they do. She found a few moments of peace alone on my bed while the rest celebrated our last night together.

Here is Brad's view of the weekend.

First of many family gatherings. Can't wait to make more.

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