Friday, September 18, 2015

Slacking on the Job

Does the Tooth Fairy's route seem to miss your house on occasion as well as ours? I think I need to call her office and alert her boss.

Hyrum lost a tooth at school last week, and he was excited about it--wasn't loose one minute, and the next it was in his hand.

Fast forward to two mornings later, and things were a little rough around here. Kids were tired, chores weren't getting done, piano practicing didn't go smoothly. Hyrum sat at the end of the bar, sulking. When I asked him if he was still upset about piano practice, he started to cry, a reaction that exceeded what I was expecting. Tears? Over practicing?

He shrugged his small shoulders and cried, "I have to practice after school, but that's not all. THE TOOTH FAIRY DIDN'T COME . . . AGAIN!"

I don't know where that fairy had been hiding, but her lack of responsibility was irking me.

"Maybe you didn't put your tooth where she normally looks?" No.

At this moment, Micah walked into the kitchen and added his two cents.

"I have had a tooth in the little box on my shelf for weeks, and she's never touched it."

Now I was mad at that little fairy. Brad got into the conversation after catching my eye over they boys' heads.

"Could you leave a note for her? Maybe that would help."

Maybe. If that lazy fairy even takes time to read.

The boys agreed that this would be their next approach. At bedtime that night, just as they were headed up to their beds, both boys scrambled for pencils and paper. When I passed their door an hour later, this is what I saw.
These notes and their handwriting may need a little translation.
"Dear tooth fairy,
Will you please have my tooth for ten dollars. That's how much I need.
Sincerely, Hyrum"

The tooth fairy has never dug as deep as $10 around this house. He must have his eye on more Pokemon cards, judging from the amount requested.

Micah's note was illustrated with a picture of her, captioned, "Don't forget to floss!"
"Thank you for all of the times you rewarded me for things that people think are gross. I am so glad you do all of this for me. I wish I could see you but I know the rules and it's OK! Thank you."

Next morning the boys skipped downstairs, each holding eight quarters and smiling.

I wonder if the Tooth Fairy is getting a little bit older and a little more forgetful and may require handwritten requests on bedroom doors forevermore.

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  1. Love this! haha :) In my family, Granny knows the Tooth Fairy's number, so whenever someone loses a tooth, they tell Granny so that she can call and remind the Tooth Fairy that night.