Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Denton Day at the IDEA Museum

These past two Thursdays have been extraordinarily busy around here, and I haven't put as much thought into our Denton Days as I wish I could have. In fact, on one Thursday I told the kids as they walked in the door from school that I didn't have anything planned, and they could do whatever they wanted. Their reactions surprised me.

"Really? Whatever we want? On a Thursday? Well, ok, I guess."

With very limited time to venture far, we headed to the i.d.e.a. museum.
The main hall was closed to update the revolving exhibit, and neither Eve nor I had worn socks (new rule to use Artville--and I wasn't quiet about my displeasure on learning that after we arrived at the museum), so we were restricted to the main art room. I thought they would be bored and ready to leave quickly, but I was wrong. Only a few other people were there, so they could spend as much time on projects as they wanted.
Eve was able to see how the soundscape room really works--since only her movements were inside the dome, she controlled the symphony.
Micah spent most of our hour at this computer, making short still movies of the Avengers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A few smaller kids huddled around him and gave suggestions for how they wanted the story to develop.
Hyrum is my creator. He loves to make stuff out of garbage, and this exhibit was perfect for him. He was frustrated that the supplies weren't strong enough to support his ideas, but if you look next to his chest, he has the first two towers of Hogwarts started from toilet paper rolls and egg carton cups.
Eve made the striped heart glasses on the face to her right, and I made the candy cane striped glasses she's wearing.
Next time we come to this museum, we will allot more time--and wear socks. But I don't think the kids would have had any more fun even if we had had more time or worn socks.

Lesson for Mom: Denton Day is serious business for them. They want to spend time together--with me--and they don't care if it's grand and exciting. They actually like it.

I've got a good idea for this week . . . 

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  1. You're such a great mom. I can't imagine how busy you must be day to day...but you always find time for whats most important. :)