Monday, September 28, 2015

Homecoming Weekend

 It was homecoming weekend at Lily's school, and I was asked to help with a lunch-hour Fear Factor activity.

First challenge--two kids from each class ate a pizza as fast as they could. Lily volunteered for that assignment (she's in navy).

 But the juniors beat them out.

Next challenge was marshmallow stuffing--blindfolded.
And the final challenge--one member of each class volunteered to consume an entire Happy Meal (burger, fries, apples, and chocolate milk) that had been pureed.

 Yeah. It was as nasty as it sounds.
Only two kids managed to get the entire thing down, and there was much gagging and choking in the process. Ew.

The kids had a great time, and I was glad I got to help.

Later that day, some of her friends came over for a quick dinner before attending the JV and Varsity football games. One of her friends allowed Lily to apply henna (from her trip to India) around his arm.

 Don't think I would have been that brave.

Why they all ended up on the floor, I don't know . . .

JV played their sister school (Heritage Gateway), whose principal is the former head coach at Heritage Mesa (he was Ben's coach). It was a competitive game, with both sides wanting to take that victory. I've missed using my cool lens to take pics at football games, so I pulled it out.
One of Lily's friends took two really hard hits, and after the game was over and he was examined by a doctor, he was diagnosed with a concussion and bruised ribs.
They played hard, but the other team had one really good drive and ended up winning 14-6. Heartbreaker. Varsity made up for it with a 66-0 win.

Man, I've missed high school football. Made me miss Ben even more, watching the game and being in the stands.

What is it about high school football that I just love?


  1. Well Jen, this why I love your posts - henna and football in the same post. I've missed you.
    Not too long ago my husband and I met two young Mormon elders who were lost in our neighborhood. They told us that they were from Arizona, and I thought of your son's.

  2. Darn that auto correct! Why does it feel that I need more apostrophes?