Saturday, October 24, 2015

BYU Homecoming, Part 2--The Game

After spending a great day together with all of the kids, the older part of our family (if you can count Hyrum as older) headed to LaVell Edwards Stadium to watch the Cougars play the East Carolina Pirates.
The weather was perfect for us AZ fans--shirt sleeves until the sun went down, then a sweatshirt was plenty warm enough.
The game started out well--Cougars ahead--until Tanner Mangum hurt his hamstring and had to be pulled out.
At that point, I turned to Brad and said, "You watch. If they get in trouble, Mangum will be back."
Turns out I was right. Mangum entered the game for the last series, threw for a touchdown, then hobbled back to the bench.
Whew. Cougars pulled it out at the last minute.

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