Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bonus Week

 I know it's 2016. My phone reminds me every time I open it.

I know I still haven't published my word of the year. My mind reminds me every time I think about it.

But I'm in this weird, joyful, sleep-deprived, ice-and-snow limbo world of grandmothering for the next week, and I'm using it as a bonus week to think even deeper about my word choice for 2016.

What footprint do I want to leave on my world? On my family? On my soul?
I find successfully completing goals comes from equal parts determination to improve and a plan for execution. I know this about myself: I can be filled with good intentions, but if I don't develop a plan of action, my efforts are often sabotaged before I achieve any measurable improvement. Even though it's been busy and crazy and noisy and messy, I have found a few moments to ponder and write and read and hone my plan for the year.

Soul searching and newborn babies.  I think it could be the perfect storm.

And loving on this round little guy and his siblings.
Please excuse me. I need to run a load of newborn laundry, make three surprise plates for lunch, and play a few rounds of Candy Land. Just the important things, folks.


  1. They are lucky to have you! Good luck with your word deliberations.


  2. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself. Really enjoy your life and do not put unrealistic expectations on yourself or others.
    Life can be tough and we all need support from one another to get through it.
    Happy New Year!!!!