Friday, January 1, 2016

This Was NOT in the Plan, 2016!

As I drove Lily and her friends back to our house for a New Year's Eve party last night, I started feeling a little bit queasy. It must have been something I ate, really. I had a dozen teenagers and my own little people and big people to take care of. I didn't have the luxury of being sick.

2015 left as I hunched over a trash can in my room.

It really must be something I ate. I have crepes to serve and fireworks to manage and teenagers to chaperone . . .

2016 arrived and I was once again . . . indisposed.

I slept through fireworks and the crepe breakfast that followed the midnight countdown.

I made a trip down the hall to the laundry room as teens were being shepherded home at 2 am.

No one took pictures. Someone else set up breakfast. The teens cleaned the kitchen--all while I shivered under not enough blankets and calculated if I had enough time to make it to the bathroom or use the bucket next to the bed.

I spent almost the entire first day of 2016 floating in and out of consciousness in my room. Brad brought me the rose from one of his bushes, but I don't remember him being in the room. Kids wandered in and out, asking if I was feeling better. Sometimes I had the energy to answer them. Sometimes I didn't.

Now it's the first night of 2016, and I haven't accomplished much of anything I'd decided to do. I can't tell if I'm feeling well or just better because I haven't thrown up in hours.

Frankly, none of it matters, because I have to fly to Idaho tomorrow--Heidi is being induced with her baby first thing, and I have to be well.  If not . . .

I don't even want to go there.

Happy New Year, everyone. It's got to get easier from this, right?


  1. Sorry you have been sick. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. His parents, Brad, Lily, local babysitter.. It does not have to be you. Being sick is God's way of saying to stay in bed and take the day or some days off.

    Hope the delivery goes well and mom and baby are well.

  3. Glad you were able to recovery and get to that baby!