Friday, February 19, 2016


I haven't pulled my big camera out much lately, and I can't explain why, either. It's too big. It's too heavy. I don't have anything I want to photograph.

I felt like that for a few weeks, admittedly--until I lost my battery charger and COULDN'T use my big camera. Suddenly, there were dozens of photos I was missing because my camera battery was dead. Weird how our minds work, isn't it? Now my battery is charged, but it's still sitting in the plug on the wall . . .

I did use it to capture the best light and my sweet Annie one afternoon.
Tucker and Karli moved home over the Christmas holidays. It was a sudden decision laced with uncertainties, to be sure.
It has been absolutely incredible having them here. They moved into the guest house a few weeks ago, and they are happy in their new space.
Personally, I'm happy every time they wander over for a few minutes. Annie knows where the "cookies" (Nilla Wafers) are and heads to the pantry asking Gran to get her one.
Eve and Hyrum love having her here to play with, and they shepherd their little charge from house to house and from game to game almost daily.
I also love when her mom and dad show up to play games at night or just to talk as we all sit on the kitchen counter eating whatever is within reach. I've never had a child live in the guest house, and I think I'm going to love it.

I know I already do!

Maybe she will be the motivation to get my camera out more . . .


  1. What fun! And isn't it wonderful to have a guest house so they can have their own space and yet be close?


  2. Cute girl. Her hair is getting so long!

  3. She is adorable! I bet it will be a blessing for both of your families to live to close for a while.

  4. The years that our Lillypad and her husband lived in the apartment over the garage at Pondside will always shine golden for me. We lived together well - a lot like you are, it seems. Such a gift!

  5. Guest house.
    I need to put that on my list of things to get! :)