Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Perfect Picnic Weather

Nowhere on earth has better weather this time of year than Arizona. 70-90 during the day. Cool nights. It's glorious.
I know what you're thinking. That's called "summer" where I live. And the AZ summer--I don't think so.

But you know what I think about you? You may have summer, but you also have this thing called "winter." And after 21 years of living in the land of no winter, there's very little chance I could survive an entire winter with snow and ice and cold and stuff. I'm just too sensitive--or weak, you choose your adjective.

We had a picnic at the park with our cousins one Sunday afternoon, and it was perfect. One of Tucker's favorite things to do at the park is create obstacle courses and race the kids for the best time.
Lily dove off this chipmunk to the next task.
Unfortunately, her efforts brought her a second place finish.
I can't remember what the kids had to say as they spun on this cylinder, but it was something along the lines of, "Tucker is the best obstacle course maker in the world!"

The rest of us enjoyed the weather and a little peace.
Until Brad picked up the guitar and wrote a masterpiece on the spot--yeah, not really.

The light was perfect, the temperature was perfect, and the company was our favorite. I'm glad we took the time.

And who is this gorgeous young lady?
She's almost done with her sophomore year. Only three more summers and she'll be off on her own.
When did that happen?


  1. Hard to believe. And before you know it, Eve will be filling her shoes.


  2. I remember winter in AZ. Loved it. Now, I have a sophomore son....and when he comes back from his mission....just thinking. She's a beauty!