Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I've been using my iPhone camera much more lately than I used to--lazy? Kinda. Here are a few gems I found when scrolling through my albums.

This valentine appeared on my nightstand February 14.
Hyrum is my only boy who has left me notes like this, and I adore every single one I get.

Micah and two of his best buddies formed a team for the school's "Battle of the Books" competition. Micah participated last year but didn't see much success. He's such a reader that I think that bummed him out a little bit, but it did fuel his motivation to do better this year. For the first time ever at our school, the sixth grade teams are only boys--36 total. Weird, right? But these are some good boys that I'm grateful have been Micah's friends since kindergarten. Here they all are swarmed around the judges' table after the second round of competition. Micah is in the green shirt in the middle.
After two rounds, Micah and his buddies John and Jay are in first place. Hopefully they can keep their streak alive through the last round in April.

I had no idea my baby girl could hula hoop like a boss. Guess they're teaching her something in PE at school. :)

Hyrum and Micah both played basketball this season. I didn't take a single picture, but Micah played with my phone during one of Hyrum's games.
Hyrum's team really struggled this year, but Hyrum learned how important good defense is and how to stay on his man while playing.

And Micah took some random shots as well. I don't know how he did this series, but it's cool.

And one picture of a ball and his feet in his street shoes. He was funny about his basketball shoes this year. He learned that wearing your basketball shoes outside wears the grip down faster, so at every game, he and his team all changed into their shoes courtside--like the pros.
He left me with a few crazy selfies to boot.
Micah learned a lot this year. He has played with the same boys for a few years now, and they looked like a team this year. Point guards. Centers. Passes and assists. They were fun to watch. His coach said that Micah had the most improved shot of anyone on the team. He needed to hear that, because almost everyone on the team towers over him.

And one last shot of my little reader girl. She still begs to be tucked in every night, but she almost always has a book of her own in her hands. Babies grow up.
Living the dream over here--regular, daily life with the people I love.


  1. Such a darling note from your boy.


  2. Thank goodness for phone with cameras. They allow you (and your kids) to capture those moments. If it weren't for my phone camera, I wouldn't be capturing much. I love that selfies are all the rage because I have some great ones. Looks like you do too.