Thursday, April 21, 2016

Catching Up--Brubakers

Heidi and her family visited us almost a month ago, and it's taken me this long to get to some of the pictures. Where does the time go, people?

Since Rexburg doesn't have the friendliest weather in March, Heidi's kids were thrilled to do anything they could outside. We spent countless hours at parks. Jonah loved the birds.
The boys didn't understand that they couldn't walk barefoot on the hot concrete. Each of them froze in a hot spot and started crying, confused about how to escape.
AZ concrete is not for the weak of feet, that's for sure.

Annie loved showing her ID cousins all about Arizona.

Thomas spent most of his time in the front pack, peeking out at the world.
Can you see the mischief behind those blue eyes?

Annie has very little fear when it comes to climbing stuff, especially when her mom is close by to hold her hand.

Jonah didn't want to play on the splash pad at first, and it melted my heart when he hoisted his chubby little body onto the bench next to me.
Nathan, however, spread out flat on his back in the water and didn't stop until his lips were blue and his teeth were chattering.

Their visit coincided with the Easter Pageant, so one night we hauled the whole family down to the temple grounds for a visit and a picnic before the show. The screen behind Micah and Lily would change ever few seconds, and they had to show their support for their favorite missionary when his country flashed across the screen.
I can't believe this is Heidi's family. Four little monkeys who are so lucky to be born into the Brubaker family.
Brad's beard is gone now. I'd forgotten how bushy it got near the end of the pageant.
I drove to the temple before 6 am that morning to save front row seats for our audience members. I was so glad I did, because when we were onstage or in the grass, I could look out and see my little grandkids, snuggled up next to their mommy and daddy.
It's been a month, and I miss these guys terribly. I wish they lived closer so we could have Sunday dinner every week or just splash around in the pool for an afternoon. Family is the best thing ever, and the older I get, the more important they all become to me.


  1. Can't believe how grown up they are!
    And I LOVE the shot of those little feet.
    In fact, I loved every shot.
    You are quite the photographer when you put your mind to it.