Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Cub Scout Day Camp 2016

Hyrum had Cub Scout Day Camp this weekend, and since I'm wolf den leader, I got to hang with the boys for the weekend. We had a blast. The boys made walking staffs at one station . . . and it was all they could do to keep those sticks on the ground at all times. A good stick can be anything--a sword, a gun, a light saber, a flagpole, a poker . . . the possibilities are endless.
I think there was only one casualty where a staff was taken away, but boys are boys and sticks are sticks.

They also made rockets at another station.
If you're unfamiliar with Arizona, you probably don't know how rare it is for the wind to blow here. Monsoons in the summer have wind, but once the storm is gone, the wind stops. Friday was a rare windy day here (so windy that a branch blew off a tree and landed on my hand, skimming the bill of my hat--doesn't sound like a big deal, but it could have been bad), and the wind prevented a bonfire. But it sure made their rockets soar.
I couldn't believe how far and how high they went. Notice the palm trees in the background of this picture. Now that's some spring wind. You Idaho people are laughing out loud right now, and rightly so.
Here's Hyrum and his best friend.
And with Karli's brother Troy. I don't know when his friends all got so much taller than he is . . .
On Saturday, the boys competed in an obstacle course (Hyrum got second in our group), demonstrated proper flag etiquette, held snakes and chicks and lizards at the nature rotation, and learned how to take care of a campsite. 
I got so involved helping the boys with their rotations that I neglected to more than one picture on Saturday, but this was a moment to remember. The boys had to make up a cheer relating to their group name (we were the Moses group). Since they already had the staffs, they chanted, "Let my people go . . . FIRST TO BREAKFAST!" And what do you know, but it worked!

For the most part, all of the boys were well behaved and excited to be together--101 scouts strong--for the weekend. It was crazy and fun and loud and stinky and fantastic! Thanks to all the stake Primary leaders who made this activity memorable for these young boys.

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