Monday, April 25, 2016

Going Around Again

This happened so quickly I had to grab my phone and take what I could get. Photos are horrible, but they tell a real story.

You know the feeling, right? The one where you can't get to the toilet fast enough because your stomach is queasy and you're covered in a cold sweat?
The one where you know the only thing that will make you feel better is to lean over the toilet and throw up? But until you throw up, you feel so completely miserable?
That feeling has been circulating through our family again. Eve and Hyrum were both home from school today. I think we've had more sick days this school year than ever before.
It's so hard to be the mom when they feel like that. There's not one thing you can do but encourage them to stay by the toilet and relax--it will be over in a few minutes. She was so afraid she would get throw up on her white dress that she stripped it off . . . and then . . . she felt better.

Here's to this one being quick . . . 


  1. We had a throw up bowl so the kids could wait for the "big event" in the room of their choice. :) (It was the green Tupperware salad spinner bowl.) Needless to say, I never spun my salads. You just couldn't get that bowl clean enough...even in the dishwasher!

    1. We use the used up ice cream buckets for that same purpose. Then I can just throw them away. :)